Epic Days and Youthful Joy

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-- From the e-newsletter sent February 3, 2021:

Hello All!

It was an epic fishing day that I’ll never forget. Last March, I visited a local stream and found about 300-400 trout finning in one of my favorite sections. For the first few hours, I caught trout on literally every cast. After about an hour, three high school boys showed up and started catching at an equal rate. I’ll bet we caught well over 200 trout combined for the day. All on flies. For being so young, these kids were good fly fishermen.

The best part was listening to them talk about their love of fishing and the outdoors. Two of the boys were 17, one was 18, and all of them were seniors. Since the pandemic, their school class schedule had been sporadic, and they’d put their free time to good use by fishing almost every day. In many ways, they reminded me of myself and how passionate I was about fishing and hunting when I was their age and still am today.

It was really cool to see three boys talk to each other, have a conversation that lasted almost 8 hours, no cell phones, just enjoying nature. It’s a rarity these days to see kids (or anyone!) who aren’t stuck in their phones or some other electronics. But somehow, I don’t think it’s as rare as we sometimes think. There are kids out there who still love the outdoors and are just waiting for the opportunity to go fishing. I’d say they were making the most of their time off, and I salute them for that. One of them even netted this big palomino for me and took my photo. I salute him for that, too.

There are a few new posts on the website since the last newsletter:

- "Make Mine A Frenchie" discusses tactics for tying and fishing with what has become my confidence fly over the past year. If you don't have a Frenchie in your fly box, are you really even fly fishing?

- "4 Tips for Fishing with No See Ums" provides some insights into fishing with flies small enough to make your eyes hurt as you try to see them on the water.

- The third post, "What Does Fly Line Weight Mean?", explains the meaning behind the numbers that we've come to just take for granted as 4-weight, 5-weight, etc.

I've added a new fly assortment to The Fly Shop. This one contains 6 different colors of Frenchies in sizes 12, 14, and 16. You get two of each color and size (36 flies) for only $38.00, including a free waterproof fly box. I've also added a few other nymphs, such as Czech Nymphs in Black and Olive, Black and Chartreuse, and Shrimp Pink, Blue Steel nymphs with Tungsten bead, and of course a variety of Frenchies that you can buy separately without having to purchase the entire assortment.

- To receive a 25% discount on your next purchase, use the promo code "25OFF" at checkout. Orders over $40.00 ship for free. To visit The Fly Shop, CLICK HERE.

The most important thing, of course, is to get on the water and enjoy our coldwater resources. Take a kid fishing, teach them about conservation and the joy of beautiful places. And who knows, maybe someday they'll skip school to go fishing with their buddies, and they'll talk their big talk and dream their big dreams, and one of them might even get the opportunity to help some old guy out by netting a big trout.

Happy Wednesday everybody.


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