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Title: "Christmas, Watch Out for Bears!"

Hello All!

A number of years ago, I was fishing the Horsefly River in British Columbia for giant rainbow trout. Fishing was a little slow, although I did land a beautiful 27-incher, but the salmon were late running, and with the salmon usually came the main swarm of trout. As I was playing out a beefy trout, we heard heavy crashing in the brush across the river, and a grizzly bear appeared at the water's edge.

With no salmon in the river, the bear began studying us. There was a deep, swift pool between us, so I wasn't worried, but my guide felt otherwise. As the bear circled downriver where the water was shallower and jumped in and began swimming over to our side, my guide and I retreated to the truck about 200 yards away. We climbed into the truck cab just as the bear appeared from the brush only 20 yards away. We locked the doors because, well, you never know.

As the grizzly circled the truck, it bumped up against the side, rocking us slightly, smacking its gums and glaring at us through the windshield. Finally, it realized we were safe and ambled off in the direction of a guy who'd pitched a tent upriver. I rolled down my window and asked my guide, "Should we yell and let the guy know a grizzly bear is headed his way?"

Just then, we heard a "BAM!" that just about caused me to jump out of my chest waders.

"No worry," said my guide, "He already knows!"

In a nutshell, this has been 2020. If you're reading this, I guess that means the bear hasn't gotten you yet, so please continue to be safe during these times of uncertainty. And I hope you have a very happy holiday season of relaxation and quality family time.

If you're looking for something to read, there are two new posts on Keystone Fly Fisher that are somewhat related. One is called "Gettin' Stoned: An Introduction to Stoneflies" and the other is "Dobsonflies and the Fly Fisher." I hope you'll check them out.

If you're looking for somewhere new to try in 2021, may I suggest three stream guides that might be worth checking out: "Clarion River and its Tributaries", "First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek and its Tributaries", and "Fly Fishing in the Heart of PA's Coal Country: Upper West Branch Susquehanna River and Chest Creek". All are available as PDF downloads/ebooks that will work on any electronic device. For more information about each of these books, please visit the First Fork Bookstore. If you're a hunter, the bookstore has several titles that might interest you, too, including my new book "Hunting Mountain Whitetails" as well as Todd Bromley's book "Pursuing Pennsylvania."

As always, as a token of my appreciation for your support, the promo code "25OFF" will get you a 25% discount off of anything you order on the website, including any flies and fly assortments purchased through the First Fork Fly Shop.

Hope you all are staying warm and safe, and thank you again for supporting Keystone Fly Fisher and First Fork Publications. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season, and I'll talk to you in the New Year. Until then, tight lines, and may you always remain one step ahead of the bear!


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