This assortment has just about everything you need to get you started fishing for Erie steelhead. It's a great assortment for beginners as well as seasoned veterans who want to add a variety of patterns to their arsenal at a reasonable cost.


Contains a total of fifty-four (54) flies, two of each of the following patterns and colors:


Crystal Meth Fly, all size 12, in Black Pearl, Blue, Fl Hot Pink, Fl Orange, Fl Shrimp Pink, Fl Yellow, Pearl, and Purple

Glo Bugs with Red Dot, in size 12, Cheese with Blood Dot and Pink with Blood Dot

Gold Bead Wooly Buggers, all size 8, in Black, Olive, Orange, Purple, and White

Eggstasy Eggs, all size 10, in Chartreuse, UV Oregon Cheese, and UV Salmon Egg Pink

Nuke Eggs, all size 10, in Chartreuse, Fl. Cerise, and Orange

Micro Egg, size 16 Red

Estaz Egg (no bead), all size 12, in Opal Chartreuse, Opal Orange, Opal Pink, Opal Salmon, and Opal White


Assortment comes with pocket-sized waterproof fly box, a $6 value, for free. 

Assortment - Erie Steelhead #1 (54 Flies Plus Box)