This assortment includes a total of thirty-nine (39) flies, including Mop Flies and Squirmy Wormies. All Mop Flies are size 12 and all Squirmy Wormies are size 14.


You get three (3) of each color Mop Fly: Chartreuse, Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Tan, and Insect Green. (Note: Insect Green is currently out of stock and White mop flies will be substituted in its place).


You get three (3) of each color Squirmy Wormie: Fl. Green, Fl. Orange, Fl. Yellow, Red, Hot Pink, Flesh, and White.


Comes with free fly box.

Assortment - Mop Flies and Squirmy Wormies 39 Flies Plus Box